Jill Berelowitz


'Moving Forward' | Park Lane, Mayfair, London

Sculpture, ExhibitionJill Berelowitz

Sculpture by Jill Berelowitz
Park Lane, Mayfair, London

Is everyone’s destination – We welcome a new world – We birth a new humanity together

MOVING FORWARD is both an  inner and an outer journey. It is the creative resolution of body and soul. It is a movement that heals the past and creates the future.  It gives us the opportunity to glimpse ourselves from another’s perspective. Moving forward is an individual and collective awakening that begins from this perfect moment.

This gathering of nine is a visual representation of the archetype of gestation and rebirth. It invokes the inherent pathways within each of us to create and transform. It reminds us of the global momentum as we all participate in birthing a new humanity.