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Featured Artist at The Hari, London

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Delighted to be featured artist at the unique The Hari in Belgravia, London, showing three of my bronze sculptures: Aurora, Moving Forward and Rocky The Lucky Elephant

Wonderful curation by Belsta.

Jill Berelowitz Artist Talk | 09 February 2019, Shakespeare's New Place

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Save the date: 09 February 2019, 11-12 noon, in the garden of Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and learn how Shakespeare inspired me to create 'His Mind's Eye', the focal point at Shakespeare's New Place.

Limited spaces, booking essential. Book here:


Bronze Christmas Tree | Press Release

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Jill's Christmas Tree, photo credit Cristina Schek (2).jpg

In a unique new commission as part of the ‘Osmosis’ Sculpture exhibition, 45 Park Lane has asked Jill Berelowitz to create a magnificent Christmas Tree for the hotel foyer.

The tree will be unveiled at an exclusive event on 6th December 2018.

The trunk, branches and twigs are individually cast and welded together to reproduce the shape of a traditional Christmas fir tree.

Standing at 3.6m high, the tree is constructed from over 1,500 branches and twigs and in excess of 500 bronze pines cast in three bronze alloys, white, copper and gold bronze; each hanging from sumptuous ribbons to complement the hotel's interior.

The tree is adorned with strands of tiny fairy lights, and topped with a golden-bronze star, held aloft by a celebratory male and female figures. 

Jill's tree celebrates the coming together of family, the light and hope of a bejewelled Christmas, and the regeneration it promises for the New Year.

This unique piece is the only Christmas Tree to have ever been constructed entirely from bronze, and adds a magical spectacle to enjoy during the Festive season.

Jill created the Christmas Tree at the Morris Singer Foundry in Hampshire.

'Osmosis' continues at 45 Park Lane until end of January 2019. Courtesy of Ackerman Studios in association with Dorcester Collection.

Photo/moving images credits: Cristina Schek

'Osmosis' | Solo Exhibition at 45 Park Lane | 8 November 2018 - end of January 2019

Announcement, Exhibition, Sculpture, Press, OsmosisJill Berelowitz

Delighted to announce that I will be exhibiting a newly created body of works titled ‘Osmosis’ highlighting themes of positivity and regeneration. My Solo Exhibition will be running 8 November 2018 – end of January 2019 at 45 Park Lane, courtesy of Ackerman Studios in association with Dorchester Collection.

The new sculptures will be released on Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned!

Across place and time, this joyful exhibition celebrates womanhood and nature with lyricism, elegance and light. A collection of ideas, memories and experience, synthesised into a body of work exploring femininity, light and the natural world.

Join Jill Berelowitz in a journey to a world of beauty, life and light.

Jill Berelowitz Osmosis, Solo Exhibition.jpg

In her newest work, in which patinated bronze panels are adorned with three dimensional tree branches, artist Jill Berelowitz captures a mystical, abstracted landscape that evokes the experience of light through the trees familiar to anyone who has explored the English woodland at dusk. Originally from South Africa, these new works symbolise a cultural osmosis for the artist, absorbing the sensation of the English landscape into a practice that frequently draws on themes inspired the vastness of the African continent.

This exhibition demonstrates the artist's personal movement across geographies; tumbleweed that cycles across the landscape, bodies fused into a globe the shape of a rock eroded into a smoothly beautiful form by the elements and time. This examination of the transience of life is at once personal to the artist, and speaks to universal human experience.

Trained as a sculptor, Jill makes ambitious, large scale works that articulate her personal experiences, infused with positive and often spiritual feel. Many of the works are deeply personal, incorporating symbols of a talismanic importance to the artist; an elephant, the tree of life, circles and spherical forms, a feather, a dachshund. Many others evoke the human figure formed with qualities of elegance and lyrical movement, often elongated and abstracted in the manner of the traditional tribal sculpture of her homeland. The female figure is of particular importance to the artist, a recurring motif that is celebrated in this exhibition during the Year of the Woman.

The human figure is a recurring motif in Jill's work, emblematic of the interest in beauty that preoccupies the artist. Her figurative forms are at once specific and universal - at times they signify human movement and transition, at others they become figures from classical myth, becoming the personification of natural forms, from tiny seed pods, to the mother of dawn in 'Aurora'. A second recurring image in Jill's work is that of the tree as a form that embodies life, the rhythms of nature and the markings of time.

Although much of her work is cast in bronze, Jill often uses other materials including carbon fibre and crystal resin to explore her ideas. The resin in particular allows the artist to explore her use of light, the colourful, transparent material allowing natural light to flood through and refract. This sublime phenomenon symbolises the luminosity that is embodied by all of Jill's work. Light and life pulsate throughout, offering hope and positive energy.

Later update: London Live art critic James Nicholls from Maddox Gallery reviews my solo exhibition ‘Osmosis’, on view at 45 Park Lane till end of January 2019.

'Tumbleweed' in Alexandra Noble's 'Health and Wellbeing Garden' at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

Sculpture, AnnouncementJill Berelowitz

Designer Alexandra Noble intends to inspire deep thinking and a sense of being in the moment with her Health and Wellbeing Garden. Fabulous florals and gorgeous garden aiming to encourage getting lost in the activity of walking or simply sitting and enjoying the beauty of the space around you via a continuous path with no start or end point. The  visitor moves through the space, which is defined by motion rather than walls, without a destination. The aim of the garden is to slow one’s pace and mind and encourage a sense of being in the moment.


The sculpture in the garden is a piece called ‘Tumbleweed’ by Jill Berelowitz, a North London sculptor of South African descent.

‘Tumbleweed’ is a branching bronze orb in which ten seed bearing figures are nestled and illustrates that ‘at our core, we are eternal beings capable of compassion and immense creative resolve and that home is anywhere the heart can flourish.’

Along the path one can appreciate the filigree forms of umbellifers and gossamer fennel leaves. Awareness of subtleties such as plant movement in a breeze and petals backlit by the sun are heightened.

The layout of the garden is denominated by the path’s route, which loops and circles to contain a circular water trough and round of thyme. Hazy structure is provided by plants such as ammi and valerian while creeping thyme and camomile feature as delicately scented low-growing elements.

Further reading: http://alexandranoble.com/rhs-hampton-2018/

Take home tips:

  • Include a place to sit and surround the area with soft planting that envelopes and comforts you
  • Create a circular or meandering path - encouraging you to walk and forget your thoughts

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, supported by Viking Cruises, is world's largest annual flower show, stretching over 34 acres. Flanking both sides of the Long Water at Hampton Court Palace, you can enjoy Show Gardens, the Rose Marquee, Floral Marquee, plant pavilions and a variety of talks, demonstrations and exhibits. The show opens to the public 2-8 July 2018.

His Mind's Eye Tree Sculpture | New Place at Night

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A special after-dark tour of Shakespeare's New Place is a great way to enjoy the 4.5 mt x 5.5mt bronze tree sculpture commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, which is the centrepiece of New Place at Stratford-upon-Avon.

When the crowds have left and the beautiful buildings at The New Place are quiet, you're invited to try something different. Sample a wide range of specially programmed talks and workshops, from photography to calligraphy, historical fashion to how stories inspire peace.  

Jill Berelowitz - His MInd's Eye.jpg


Let expert guides take you on a journey of discovery through the gardens where Shakespeare’s family home once stood.  See the glorious gardens of Shakespeare’s New Place lit up, explore the stunning art installations by award-winning artists and hear about how they were made and inspired by Shakespeare. 

Booking is essential as spaces are limited.  

Tumbleweed | Sculpture

SculptureJill Berelowitz

‘Tumbleweed’ is a branching bronze orb by Jill Berelowitz in which ten seed bearing figures are nestled. Bursting forth from within each human heart are the sacred seeds of divinity which carry the promise of new life.

This organic diaspore reminds us that by surrendering to the winds of change, we gather momentum dispersing our inner vision of sustainability and heart based community across the planet. Tumbleweed also illustrates that at our core, we are eternal beings capable of compassion and immense creative resolve and that home is anywhere the heart can flourish.

As we tumble away from our past, spirited by graceful winds, a new global vision of hope and togetherness approaches from our future. And through this transformative journey, we arrive in a newly discovered garden of paradise and realise we are the seeds, we are the plants and we are the gardeners in our new earth-family."

'His Mind's Eye' Midwinter Magic at Shakespeare's New Place

SculptureJill Berelowitz

Still in awe of the fabulously fearless Motionhouse acrobats seemingly gliding through the contemporary gardens of Shakespeare's New Place and around my tree sculpture 'His Mind's Eye'.

An amazing Midwinter Magic Dance-Circus Spectacular, a visual and physical feast, with pure skill, spectacle and magical storytelling – a truly immersive after-dark theatrical experience. 

Great show, really enjoyed it! Fantastic energy from the performers.

Photo credit: Stewart Writtle/SBT

Rugby Centurions Trophy

SculptureJill Berelowitz

The Rugby Centurions dinner at the Hilton London Metropole was the most spectacular, most memorable evening in “Rugby History“. It was a huge honour to be commissioned to create the trophy.

Jill Berelowitz - Centurions Trophy.png

"The Rugby Centurions dinner at the Hilton London Metropole was a star-studded, glittering affair last night as rugby's elite, those who have received 100 or more caps playing for their country gathered for this special dinner. The men and women honoured came from New Zealand, England, South Africa, Scotland, Georgia, France, Italy, Wales, Australia, Romania, Portugal and Ireland. HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco was in attendance to pay tribute to the honourees and started the official blazer ceremony by handing French legend Phillippe Sella his, who then handed Jason Leonard his. As each legend came onto the stage, they were handed their blazer by a fellow Centurion.

Renowned sculptor Jill Berelowitz was commissioned to create a piece of artwork that epitomises the spirit of the Rugby Centurions and will stand as a memorial plaque with all the players names, which will get added to as other players achieve this milestone. We are especially proud of our South African legends who attended the function and received their blazers, John Smit, Bryan Habana, Victor Matfield and Jean De Villiers."  SA Rugby Legends Association

Shakespeare's New Place: One Year On

SculptureJill Berelowitz

Congratulations Shakespeare’s New Place team for a great 1st Anniversary and for reaching 150k visitors!

Shakespeare’s New Place, the newly interpreted site of Shakespeare’s family home for 19 years, celebrated its first anniversary on 20th August 2017.


'His Mind’s Eye Tree' created by Jill Berelowitz, in conjunction with The Morris Singer Foundry, stood tall and proud enjoying the view. 

This is where it all began, a year ago.

"Shakespeare’s New Place opened last summer as a major new heritage landmark and cultural destination following a two-year, £6m capital project to re-present the site of Shakespeare’s family home marking the 400th anniversary of his death. Over the past 12 months nearly 150,000 visitors from all over the world have walked through the grand oak and bronze gatehouse to explore the site where Shakespeare’s home once stood, admiring the gleaming contemporary artworks, beautiful gardens and discovering the story of Shakespeare’s adult life through daily talks and trails, and in the exhibition centre. 

Chloe Malendewicz, Manager at Shakespeare’s New Place, said, “New Place is a seamless blend of the historic and the contemporary, offering visitors a complete contrast to anything they will find in Stratford-upon-Avon, or indeed the world. We’ve had a great first year welcoming visitors and local residents, many have returned again and again to enjoy this tranquil little oasis in the heart of Stratford. We have a great day planned and look forward to welcoming visitors and families for what promises to be a fun day of celebrations.” 

New Place serves as a canvas for new and experimental artistic initiatives, including the Garden of Curious A-muse-ments last winter, and several outdoor theatre performances by local and international community groups. There will be an exciting line up of events for visitors to enjoy including outdoor screenings of The Lion King and Omkar - a Bollywood adaptation of Othello as part of the Shakespeare Film Festival, and an immersive winter festival due to take place later this year"  - Shakespeare's New Place Press Release

Mowing Forward | Westminster Reporter, Issue 124/June 2017

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Delighted that 'Moving Forward' was featured in the Westminster Reporter, issue 124/June 2017

'Moving Forward' has a very poignant and positive message for all in 2017 in the UK and worldwide - looking introspective and outward looking. The sculpture was commissioned by Westminster City Council to create an appropriate and suitable sculpture for Park Lane central reservation opposite The Dorchester Hotel and 45 Park Lane (part of the Dorchester International Collection).

Jill has previously worked with Westminster Council in the lead up the the London 2012 Olympics with 'Core Femme' in Cavendish Square. 'Core Femme' is now permanently situated outside Charing Cross Hospitalin Fulham Palace Road.

'His Mind's Eye' | A Video Tour Of Shakespeare's New Place

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Walk in Shakespeare’s footsteps and meet the man behind the works in a fascinating new exhibition. Discover beautiful gardens and specially-commissioned artworks.

Shakespeare’s New Place was his family home from 1597 until he died in the house in 1616.  The house was demolished in 1759, a registered garden has been designed to commemorate the importance of the site and allow visitors to make their own personal connection with Shakespeare.

When Shakespeare bought New Place he was an established playwright and it is believed that he wrote his later plays there, including The Tempest.

Follow in Shakespeare’s footsteps through a new entrance on the site of the original gatehouse and enjoy a contemporary landscape that reveals the footprint of the Shakespeare family home. The re-imagined site gives an impression of the scale of New Place and relationship to the surrounding buildings; such as the neighbouring King Edward VI School and Guild Chapel that were once attended by a young Shakespeare.


Commissioned artworks and displays throughout the site evoke a sense of family life and hint at Shakespeare’s major works that were written during the 19 years he owned New Place.

The sunken Knot Garden has been restored in keeping with the original design by Ernest Law. Elements of the Great Garden, the largest surviving part of Shakespeare’s estate, will be conserved and further developed over time. via www.shakespeare.org.uk

'His Mind's Eye' | Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Annual Report

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2016 proved a record-breaking year for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust as we celebrated 400 years of  William Shakespeare's creative genius with the world. We are delighted to see Jill's sculpture prominently featured in the Annual Report (pages 2-3). 

'His Mind's Eye' bronze tree and cosmic sphere evoking the power of Shakespeare's genius was sculpted by Jill and cast in bronze at The Morris Singer Foundry, towering at a height of 4.5 metres sweeping to 5.5 metres and weighing approximately 4.5 ton.

'Moving Forward' | Park Lane, Mayfair, London

Sculpture, ExhibitionJill Berelowitz

Sculpture by Jill Berelowitz
Park Lane, Mayfair, London

Is everyone’s destination – We welcome a new world – We birth a new humanity together

MOVING FORWARD is both an  inner and an outer journey. It is the creative resolution of body and soul. It is a movement that heals the past and creates the future.  It gives us the opportunity to glimpse ourselves from another’s perspective. Moving forward is an individual and collective awakening that begins from this perfect moment.

This gathering of nine is a visual representation of the archetype of gestation and rebirth. It invokes the inherent pathways within each of us to create and transform. It reminds us of the global momentum as we all participate in birthing a new humanity.


'His Mind’s Eye' Tree Sculpture Unveiled at Shakespeare’s New Place

Sculpture, ExhibitionJill Berelowitz

On 30th June 2016 the Mind’s Eye Tree sculptured by Jill Berelowitz was unveiled at Shakespeare’s New place.

Towering at a height of 5.5 metres and weighing approximately 3 ton, Jill’s sculpture was cast in bronze at Morris Singer Bronze Foundry.

'DNA Tree of Life' Featured in RHS Chelsea

Sculpture, Exhibition, PressJill Berelowitz

Ann-Marie Powell Gardens – Green Grey Britain – RHS Chelsea 2016 Stand MA 435

Ann-Marie Powell has been chosen by the Royal Horticultural Society to design their official ‘Greening Grey Britain’ garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016.

“DNA Tree of Life” sculpture by Jill Berelowitz will be featured in the garden.

The power of a tree is drawn from the earth. This is a literal and yet very spiritual interpretation of nature that is borne out of my upbringing within a medical family in South Africa. I address the scientific reasons behind the strength and purpose of a tree by superimposing the readily recognisable structure of DNA over the natural tree form forcing the sculpture upwards away from the earth. The result is a dramatic assemblage of vertical trunks and interwoven branches that erupt at the top as a prescient symbol of the creative potential of genetics. Genealogy also provides a link to the beginnings of life and in particular to a notional Adam & Eve who existed when homo sapiens first emerged in Africa millennia ago. To this extent the branches in DNA Tree are largely made up of conjoined human figures that seemingly dance through the history of the tree’s growth flowing up from a round base, which is emblematic of the “circle of life”.

Whether you’re planning a new garden, renovating an old one, or simply want to change your garden to suit your lifestyle better, our multi award-winning studio, Ann-Marie Powell Gardens can help.