Jill Berelowitz


'DNA Tree of Life' Featured in RHS Chelsea

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Ann-Marie Powell Gardens – Green Grey Britain – RHS Chelsea 2016 Stand MA 435

Ann-Marie Powell has been chosen by the Royal Horticultural Society to design their official ‘Greening Grey Britain’ garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016.

“DNA Tree of Life” sculpture by Jill Berelowitz will be featured in the garden.

The power of a tree is drawn from the earth. This is a literal and yet very spiritual interpretation of nature that is borne out of my upbringing within a medical family in South Africa. I address the scientific reasons behind the strength and purpose of a tree by superimposing the readily recognisable structure of DNA over the natural tree form forcing the sculpture upwards away from the earth. The result is a dramatic assemblage of vertical trunks and interwoven branches that erupt at the top as a prescient symbol of the creative potential of genetics. Genealogy also provides a link to the beginnings of life and in particular to a notional Adam & Eve who existed when homo sapiens first emerged in Africa millennia ago. To this extent the branches in DNA Tree are largely made up of conjoined human figures that seemingly dance through the history of the tree’s growth flowing up from a round base, which is emblematic of the “circle of life”.

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