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Q&A with Jill Berelowitz about her current sculpture exhibition in Kensington

Q. Was sport the main inspiration for this new group of sculptures?
A. I’m inspired by movement and these now pieces do overlap with athletic movement as I was commissioned to create a Diving Girl for our Olympic Village.
Q. Some of your human figures have attenuated forms in the manner of the late Giacometti: did he influence your work?
A. My figures are inspired by nature, organic shapes and movement but not by Giacometti.
Q. Did your Olympic Village and Heathrow Terminal 5 exhibitions lead to international interest in your work?
A. Yes, international enquiries and new sales and commissions have been generated by those exhibitions and also by my giant spinal sculpture displayed in Cavendish Square, part of Westminster City Council’s festival City of Sculpture.
Q. What future plans do you have in mind for your sculpture?
A. The themes of the cycle of life and regeneration are evolving in my new sculpture and commissions, and I am working with interesting, varied media that include crystal, resin, bronze and stainless steel.